Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

Ans. ChemoPorts titanium implanted port with peritoneal catheter is a totally implantable access device designed to provide repeated access to the peritoneal cavity for the delivery of medications and other fluids.*

Ans. Being a totally implantable access device, ChemoPorts are designed in a way that one can access peritoneal cavity repeatedly to deliver medicines or other fluids.*

Ans. Flushing the port can be done monthly.*

Ans. Yes, ChemoPorts are available in small sizes to facilitate implantation on younger patients.*

Ans. Yes, ChemoPorts are MRI compatible.*

Ans. In vesicant or irritant chemotherapy, ChemoPorts are preferred.*

Ans. Bloodstream infection rates for ChemoPorts are lowest among all other VADs.1

Ans. In a random study, 92%of patients reported that post-port quality of life was improved.2

*Date on file.

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